A Guide to Dedicated Servers and Their Merits

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is also known as “Managed server hosting”, because the server is managed by someone else other than the final client. This means that they can concentrate on the expansion of their business rather than the technical stuff – that has a learning curve.

A dedicated server is leased directly and exclusively to a single client. This means it is not shared with other clients as it happens in the case of shared webhosting plans. That is why the costs are higher. The benefits are well worth the effort and costs, though.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is an advanced system setup and configuration that is done on the server that has been allotted or reserved for one client. It is not being shared with anyone else. It provides greater flexibility to the client in terms of settings, configuration, uptime, features and usability.

What to Use Dedicated Server for

There are many different uses for dedicated servers like:

  • It is more reliable than a shared or even a VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • It is also more flexible, allowing users to do more with their setup
  • It allows users more control over different aspects of their server based on their needs and requirements
  • A dedicated server is more reliable than a shared server in terms of uptime, performance and security.

dedicated-serversA dedicated server offers more transparency which is a key element when it comes to solving problems and issues. This transparency helps in finding problems and bottlenecks and solving them. It is important for an organization to grow in order to solve these problems and key issues for the overall development of the organization and its team. Often a company has to face outages and among the most common problems behind these outages are hardware problems. It therefore becomes necessary to identify these problems even before they happen, and take preemptive or corrective steps to make sure they never happen again.

Dedicated servers allow its users to make sure that third party scripts and softwares do not affect your own services. Ultimately, the client has more control as everything is more flexible and this allows them to configure things exactly how they wish.

Dedicated Server Rental

Whoever’s looking to buy a dedicated server for their business must know that they have got two options: a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems. Most organizations usually go for Linux-based systems because they’re free, open source and provide more customizations than Windows.

A dedicated server is going to cost a lot more than a regular shared web hosting account or even a VPS account. A shared web hosting account can be had for as low as $4.99 per month but a dedicated server will cost upwards of $99 per month. Though it may seem a little expensive, it is well worth every penny if a client is serious about their business and are planning to operate a larger business model. They will get your own billing system, control panels and a host of other softwares and scripts that they can run on the server independent of other scripts.

Buy Dedicated Server

When a professional is looking to buy a dedicated server to launch and support their website and business model, there are a number of factors that is necessary to keep in mind.

Firstly, it’s necessary to conduct a research: understanding one’s own needs and requirements, the scripts that are going to run and the power needed, the traffic that the business is anticipating and more. Based on these decisions, a business owner will calculate the total cost of server, computers, support team and staff.

It is also necessary to consider the cost of hardware, server administrator and OS and apps. This will provide more or less with a complete picture of what it is going to cost to to run a business on a dedicated server.

Much also depends on the kind of tasks that are going to run on the dedicated server. For example, is the service going to be a video site that will host many videos? Is the future company an Instagram kind of site where users will be allowed to upload and share images with friends and followers? Enterprise grade sharing and messaging? There are so many different types of business models and uses, and these small decisions are going to make all the difference in the server requirements and setup process. So it’s crucial to understand exactly what the requirements are.


Most dedicated server providers offer 99.99% server uptime. A professional will be hard pressed to find a service provider that would claim to offer 100% uptime, and that is nothing to worry about, as it’s perfectly normal. What matters most is to be in safe hands, so the advice here is to check if the site is offering customer satisfaction and whether they are offering any guarantees. A promise of customer satisfaction and a refund guarantee or money back guarantee is a good way to gauge a service provider. Most services offer 30 days or 45 days money back.

Finally, these are just some of the points needed to keep in mind and remember when looking out for a dedicated server to support your business model. Hasty decisions are to be avoided. Instead, thinking carefully and moving forward with a proper plan of action is the best way forward, as it can be difficult to move to another host at a later point in time.